PDA Unveils Driver Retention Data Portal

PDA is announcing a major enhancement to RAMP that features a brand-new layout, easier navigation and enhanced reporting capabilities.  Now, RAMP not only allows carriers to drill down to the root cause of their driver feedback data, but target and identify high-turnover risk drivers, view individual driver timelines and see important details behind some of the most pressing issues drivers are facing.
RAMP 2.0 is by far the most robust driver retention data portal for carriers wanting to see fleetwide driver feedback trends, identify high turnover risk drivers and quickly address driver issues at an individual level. 
RAMP 2.0 new features include:

  • Brand-new look and layout:  PDA has developed a brand-new system and portal layout that captures driver feedback data in real time and presents it in an easy-to-use new format.
  • Data navigation upgrades:  carriers will be able to review their driver feedback data by terminal, orientation location, fleet/driver manager, recruiter and other important key demographics. 
  • High/Moderate turnover risk categories:  based on driver data feedback, carriers can now see which of their drivers are a high/moderate turnover risk and will have the ability, in real time, to immediately address individual driver issues to help curb driver turnover.
  • Individual driver summaries and timelines:  carriers can now look at a summary of an individual driver and their feedback and see a timeline of when a driver had an issue.
  • Enhanced issue reporting:  under RAMP 2.0, PDA can now run detailed reporting on individual issues like equipment and compensation. 

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